Training session


July 15-18th  

Who are they for?

The courses are aimed at any guitarist – versed in theory or not – who wishes to know more about just how the 6-string guitar can give of its best! 

Level required: participants need to have some experience of arpeggio and/or picking.


My teaching method?


In both individual and group courses, the working day is 3 hours in the morning,

3 hours in the afternoon.


For those who have already tried their hand at picking, going from a 6 to a 12 string presents no particular technical difficulty, but does require an understanding of a sort of ‘new logic’ where the left hand does few barre (or bar) chords, concentrating instead on the more numerous open strings, whilst the right hand, whose rôle increases with the greater choice of strings, is able to participate more fully in the melody. For with the 12 string, we have not 6 but 10 strings with different notes to play with! The potential combinations of notes now increase in a vertiginous manner and the instrument reveals its immense potential.


As preparation for the course, we advise you to practise the exercises available on the website, or better still, get a copy of the ‘Aborder le picking’ by Michel Gentils.  This method informs the educational approach taken by Michel. You can buy one from the website shop.

You are also welcome to bring along your own pieces so we can study them together.